Get started right away, no matter where you are. Set up your Storage Share with just a few clicks and no technical know-how. Save, edit and share your documents, pictures and music easily via any PC, tablet or smartphone. We'll take care of the administration.


Create user groups, define individual quotas for single users and share files privately or publicly. Use pre-installed apps like Contacts, Calendar and Tasks or add more apps.


Powered by Nextcloud. Easily store and share files.
No minimum contract period. Monthly cancellation period.

Our Plans

10 GB
200/Year Free

Get a free plan for effortless file storage and sharing. Store and share your files easily with our user-friendly platform. Sign up today!

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100 GB

Upgrade to our 100 GB plan for just Rs. 599 per year. Store, organize, and share your files seamlessly with ample space and premium features. Join now!

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250 GB

Unlock the power of our 250 GB plan at just Rs. 1299 per year. Enjoy vast storage capacity for effortless file management and seamless sharing. Join us today!

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500 GB

Experience the unmatched potential of our 500 GB plan, priced at just Rs. 2499 per year. Effortlessly manage and share files with ample storage capacity. Join us today

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Storage Shares have unlimited internal and external traffic, so you'll have no problem uploading and downloading all your data to and from your Storage Share. Save, edit and share your documents, pictures and music easily via any PC, tablet or smartphone.

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You can rest assured that your data is safe. Hetzner's RAID-based storage backend and our cluster network of databases make the probability of failure very low. In addition, Hetzner's system automatically makes backups of the database and storage backend several times every day.

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You can use our Storage Shares with an unlimited number of users, and put them together into user groups. It's easy to edit documents together with other users, to share documents with your team, or to move documents to other Storage Share or Nextcloud instances.

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Our Storage Shares include a user-friendly web interface. Users always connect to it via HTTPS. Or you can use the Nextcloud apps for iOS and Android, or the desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux to access your Storage Share. And WebDAV lets you automate your access to it.

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It's easy to customize your Storage Shares to meet your specific needs and to include the specific features you want. You can customize the theme to match your corporate identity, integrate your own authentication systems, or add any other apps available in the Nextcloud App Store.

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Stay flexible with your Storage Share. Regardless of how your requirements change over time, you can upgrade or downgrade your Storage Share in a few quick steps and without worrying about data loss. Simply switch between the Storage Share package size you need by going to your account on the konsoleH, and then to "Account type".

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The setup for Storage Shares is a snap using either the app or the web front end. And the synchronization client will enable you to automatically synchronize your files from local devices with your Storage Share.

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Our team of technicians takes care of the administration of your Storage Shares for you. Our highly optimized and automated systems monitor them around the clock and install the latest updates.

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Your Storage Share will be hosted in our own data center in Falkenstein, Germany. We guarantee that its operation complies with EU's data protection regulations (GDPR). You can also generate a data processing agreement (DPA) that complies with article 28 of the GDPR on konsoleH.

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